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Who is Patrick Shin – The Man Behind Nan Inc

Who is Patrick Shin – The Man Behind Nan Inc

Nan Inc. is well-known as the largest locally operated and owned general contractor in Hawaii, as it has been serving construction needs in the state for more than 30 years. The company provides a horde of professional construction services and have the capacity, expertise and resources to take on multiple projects simultaneously and completing them in a timely manner. They believe in collaboration and teamwork and have professionals at their disposal in order to deliver the required results in the expected budget and without making compromises of any kind. All of this is because of Patrick Shin.

Who is he? Patrick Shin is the founder and owner of Nan Inc., the company that he established in Honolulu, Hawaii back in 1990. The man had the vision to form a construction company that would become one of the best in Hawaii and he has managed to turn this into a reality in just three decades. This is undoubtedly a major achievement, especially considering his humble beginnings. He had been Nan Chul Shin when he moved to the US from South Korea and had to live in a one-bedroom apartment with his family. 

He didn’t have the resources to attend college, but was lucky enough to get a soccer scholarship to Bowling Green State University. This was a turning point for Patrick Shin, as he was able to major in business administration. As far as experience is concerned, he worked for two years as a construction worker in Hawaii and walked out with a plan of launching Nan Inc. With just one laborer by his side, Patrick Shin wasn’t to be discouraged and he willingly did all kinds of projects that came his way. His efforts paid off in a big way as his company is now a recognized name in the world of construction.

But, the most impressive thing about the man is that he hasn’t let the success get to his head. The gift to health center by Nan Inc. owner, the support for different scholarship programs and the donations to numerous charities indicate that he remembers his humble beginnings and wants to give back to the community as much as possible. In fact, his company has also taken on various projects that have made a contribution to the success and future of Hawaii. Both, the man behind the company and Nan Inc. itself are working together to give people the best.