Thank you.


Thank you everyone for your constant support of Afterthought Studios. We have reached a new year at last.

Without all of your support for our initial Kickstarter for A More Beautiful World, Afterthought Studios would never have taken off.

As we continue to work on A More Beautiful World, the team has spent a little time working on side projects in order to test several theories and useful things we hope to ultimately include in A More Beautiful World.

For example, we’re currently working on coding for When Our Journey Ends, which in part, will be used in A More Beautiful World. This specific line of code refers specifically, to a bar that indicates when the voice acting for that specific line is over.

We know that there is sometimes pauses for dramatic effect, which players confuse for the end of the line’s delivery, which is why we are attempting to give a better user experience to our works from here on out.

These are a list of of our works:

Translation Works:
Bai Qu

BaiQu Art 1

Visual/Kinetic Novels:

When Our Journey Ends (Final Scripting Checks/Russian Translation)

You, With Me (Pending Trailer, followed by Greenlight Campaign)

A More Beautiful World (Act III Art/Voice Acting)

wallpaper (web ver)
Merchant Memoirs (Sprite/Final Writing)

Sounds like a lot of projects and it is indeed a lot of projects, we cannot lie about that. However, the technical skills brought over from working on smaller projects carry forward to A More Beautiful World as well as the Merchant Memoirs, which we consider to be our best works.

Thank you very much for 2016, which has been a terrific world to us at Afterthought Studios.

Special Thanks to the people below:
Morgana, my programmer, for all your kind assistance in this year
Camille, my UI artist, for putting up with my tyranny (Hur)
SSim, you know why you’re here!
Glass of Water Studios, for your brave step to be the second published visual novel firm in Singapore
A.M, for your continued hard work in Merchant Memoirs and participating in our old projects

And to all of you, our fans, who made our dream to be Visual Novel developers, a reality.


Afterthought Studios

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