Hello everyone! It has been a long time since I posted one of these. Why? We’ve been busy of course! What on earth have we been busy with?

  1. When Our Journey Ends

For those of you unfamiliar, we crowdfunded it with your support and we have finished it, with just one bloody problem. The Mac build isn’t responding well in our attempt to export it. Our Steam page currently has the updated Windows and Linux builds. We’ve roped in the creator of Ren’Py, PyTom to help us.

We’ve held off fulfilling our physical items due to the fact that we’d like to finish all digital rewards to our backers first. After all, a game that our Mac users can’t enjoy, what is the point?

We hope to finish this task by September, latest.

2.  Merchant Memoirs

Our work with the National Arts Council of Singapore is going well – How do you enjoy the life of reincarnation and given a second chance at things? Well, sounds amazing right? We know. We will ideally finish it in October.

3.  A More Beautiful World

The Voice Acting is going smoothly – We’re still on Act III for Voice Acting as it is the longest chapter in the entire visual novel. However, with some luck, we will publish by the end of the year with our fantastic partners from Sekai Project. However, all BGs are done and our sprites are all almost done as well.

4.  Wishes in Pen: Chrysanthemums in August

Our upcoming otome game – More details will be revealed soon. This is our next large project towards 2019. It will feature animated backgrounds and amazing sprite art as well as the most gorgeous music your ears will ever feast upon.

5.  Bai Qu

Our hard work translating Bai Qu has paid off. It has been released on Steam. We aren’t done with it yet though – We still need to go through the English translation to make edits. We should be done with that soon.

Till I update again, folks! See you! Thank you for your continuous support of Afterthought Studios!

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