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Decorating With Accent Pillows

Decorating With Accent Pillows

Decorating with accent pillows is dead easy and boils lower to some couple of fundamental concepts.

  1. The quantity of pillows as well as their arrangement.

You can expect to wish to pick a strange quantity of pillows around three and 7 for any natural asymmetrical look. If you are an account balance freak like I’m you might be unable to assist the impulse to put a level number or each side, this really is OK but requires a little in the “chic” factor. Also, opting of the smaller sized quantity of bigger pillows as opposed to a lot of small ones supplies a considerably cleaner look, however for certain motifs and backdrops you might want a very full appearance in which the smaller sized pillows is going to be ideal.

  1. The dimensions and also the form of your throw pillows.

If you are opting for angular square or rectangle pillows you would like them to stay in the 16 – 26 inch range, no bigger however in a couple of cases they might be smaller sized. These pillows generally have to be big enough to full showcase a couple of passes of the given patter or perhaps a large block of solid color. Rectangular pillows are actually nice since the oblong shape is generally unpredicted and adds a little bit of extra flair. Generally you won’t be choosing a circular pillow, and unless of course you’re an experienced designer or simply know that you have the stuff you ought to be careful when approaching your sofa with spherical cushions. Round pillows have a tendency to not blend well using the overall angels of the furniture, unless of course obviously a have very unique piece like a cylinder bed or circular patterns inside your rooms decor.

  1. The material and pattern.

When adding throw pillows in to the mix it is usually safest to choose a rather limited color scheme and large geometric patterns. Textures for example cotton and linen are the most useful fabrics though silk throw pillows will have a location in a few modern settings. In case you really like lots of color then your best choice would be to snatch the colour palette from your existing artwork or “busy” decorative item. This can keep your visual clutter to minimum and then add uniformity towards the madness (just kidding, you are not MAD, I really like color too:).

  1. The edging and trim.

It is really an optional consideration and does not affect many modern pillow varieties. In case your decor is dependant on a conventional Victorian theme then you’ll unquestionably go for aubusson style pillows which are filled with tassels and flared edges with trim to spare. Fringes certainly provide the pillows more impact and that’s why you will need to use slim small edges on smaller sized pillows and limit the quantity of large throws with big bold tassels and trim.