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The Afterthought Family

Darren, the founder of Afterthought Studios is the nag of the group, often harassing his team members at wee hours of the night for progress updates.

He is Afterthought Studio‘s writer as well as public relations and marketing expert.

Krystian Alabrudzinski is a creator of many talents – Project management, notably so. He is Afterthought Studio‘s creative brain as well as an expert on cup noodles, much to the chagrin of the ramen expert, Darren.

MysteryCorgi, our resident programmer, has several visual novels under her belt, having done work on Culina: The Spirit of Cooking and Hands in the Kitchen. She also did work for That Cheap and Sacred Thing as well as logos and GUIs for various indie projects.

Camille, Camy for short, has been subject to torture by Darren for the longest time. Thankfully, her greatest joy is putting herself in the user’s shoes and creating designs of what the user expects to see, as well as what they need.

Eva, the Community Manager of Afterthought Studios is the occasional avid gamer and foodie. She will be assisting with PR and putting her sound marketing acumen towards the development of promotion strategies. In addition to graphic design assistance.