When Our Journey Ends – Off We Go


Hey everyone!

So it has been awhile since we updated our website. We’ve been busy with the release of Forgotten, Not Lost as well as A More Beautiful World’s Steam revamped demo release. Right now, we’re currently working hard at pushing out the complete Act I of A More Beautiful World for our backers.

Aside from that, we announced at Doujima that we are currently working on a story known as The Merchant Memoirs, a story about a merchant (Of course!)

We hope to release it by September, assuming all goes right in the development process (which never does! DX) – More news about it in the coming week or two as well. Or I may just dedicate an entire post to it XD

However, we do have a new project to announce!

when_our_journey_ends_logo (1)

Yes, that’s right. Choo choo!

So the inspiration of the story came from the story of Kyu-shirataki Train Station, which made headlines globally. The first thing that hit me and our resident programmer was…

Really? This seems like something out of a Ghibli film.

And therefore, we started to go the creation process of this visual novel.

The story follows Mariko, a seventeen year old who is on the cusp of graduating high school. She is the lone passenger of a slowly dying train station. As a practical young adult, she doesn’t see why her family couldn’t have just moved closer to the high school she is attending. She is rather embarrassed by the whole situation and the attention it garners her. She just wants to graduate and go to a university in the big city.

However, life in the sticks isn’t all that it seems. While riding the train home, Mariko ends up at an unexpected stop, which changes her life forever.

The story will feature some 1 hour of casual story reading as well as an after story and about 5 side stories, giving you about 2 hours of reading time in total.

Our resident GUI designer, Camille Arana will be still be designing the User Interface.


However, what we’re really excited to do is to present to you, two new functions in our visual novel.

The first one, which we are most proud of, are animated backgrounds.

Gorgeous, isn’t it!? All of our backgrounds will be animated, giving you an enhanced reading experience. Perhaps winter has never looked so beautiful in the visual novel world.

The second one is the ability to switch between two types of sprites. I’ll go into detail another day, but essentially, we realized that the art we were initially going for may not suit everyone’s taste as it is heavily Ghibli inspired, also done by our wonderful artist, Corey Hendrey. Therefore, Melow has been asked to do a set of sprites in taste with the more mainstream audience.

Melow's Sprites
Melow’s Sprites
Corey's Sprites
Corey’s Sprites

Basically, you will be able to switch between the two, or rather, decide which art style you want to play with at the very beginning. The both feature different CGs as well, so this will encourage you to try it out!

We’ll have more to show off two weeks from now! I’ll try to make it a habit to come up with these blog posts more often as well.

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