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A More Beautiful World

Disc Design by Aria
Disc Design by Aria
Upgraded Sprites!
Upgraded Sprites!

The Late Reader

  • Fret not! Grab a digital copy of A More Beautiful World right here, even if you missed out on The Grimoire in our Kickstarter!

The Encyclopedia

  • Come get yourself a digital copy of A More Beautiful World as well as some gorgeous A More Beautiful World wallpapers for your desktop!

The Singing Storyteller

  • Looks like you have an ear for the hymn of the heavens! Get yourself a digital copy of A More Beautiful World and the complete digital soundtrack along with our digital wallpapers!

The Navigator

  • You like to travel too? Great! Get The Singing Storyteller tier as well as a physical copy of the map that Violetta mentions in the story!

Blessing of the Heavens

  • Yes, for your devotion, take a PHYSICAL copy of A More Beautiful World, which comes with the complete soundtrack! Oh right, did I mention you will get the digital wallpapers as well?

Heavenly Compass

  • We’ve noted your carefree spirit even in the service of the heavens. Take the Blessing of the Heavens as well as the physical copy of the map of A More Beautiful World.

The Imperial Artist

  • Not only are you devoted to our cause, the Imperial Court has noticed your loyalty to the Empire! You will receive the Heavenly Compass as well as a coloured sketch of you by our artist!

Phyiscal Rewards Tier

Digital Tier

Wallpaper & Map add-on