Purrfectly Ever After


The heroine is a cat in a retro-futuristic world who loves good food and, with her fellow animal friends, is willing to do anything for it. Namely, stealing. She also happens to be the gang leader. Their activities disturbed the lives of people in the city to the point that the authorities decided to take action.

One day, her best friend is taken hostage in hopes of luring her out. Taking the bait, she goes ahead of the pack to rescue him, meeting with a few good souls who saved her from trouble along the way. After the rescue mission, she realizes that her selfishness of stealing food has brought harm upon her friends and thus she decides to disband the group. To earn food honestly, she wishes to become a human.

Her prayers were answered by an unseeming Fairy Godfather on one condition – that she would never steal again. With her immediate agreement, she is turned human. Now, as a newly-turned human, all she needs to do is find her bearings in this brave new world. And who better to help her than those who saved her earlier on?

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