Our Final Moments


Afterthought Studios’ current work-in-progress! Inspired by the extremely popular Katawa Shoujo by Four Leaf Studios as well as several real-life incidents, Our Final Moments is a visual novel with the intent of hoping that by the end of it, our readers will be able to look at the very definition of life and willpower in a different light.

In a fictitious area of Japan lies a little town that’s completely unremarkable: there’s a school, a hospital, a grocery store, a small cinema, and everything else one might find in such a place—that is, except for the high fences, volunteer guards, and residents with substantial medical experience.

This is Kenkou Village, a hospice for people with chronic, and often terminal, health conditions that require frequent hospital visits. Many of the residents are young adults. It was created to make them as comfortable as possible while also restoring some sense of normalcy to their daily lives. But what is “normal,” exactly, when you’re constantly aware of your own mortality?

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